The D.A.D. Training Program consists of four phases; building from a basic introduction to DeMolay in Phase I, continues with a basic understanding of how DeMolay is structured and operates and the role of its advisors and adult volunteers in Phase II, followed with specific and detailed training for specific advisor and adult volunteer positions of responsibility in Phase III, and specific programs and particular DeMolay issues in Phase IV.


This is an immediate training for newly recruited (or prospective) advisors and volunteer adult workers. It provides them with the background necessary for a "quick start" in working with DeMolay. It introduces DeMolay's Aims and Methods and the skills and traits DeMolay is looking for in its advisors and volunteer adult workers. It consists of a 11½ minute video and information booklet. Viewing this video tape does NOT qualify someone to be certified at a DeMolay advisor.

Phase II - BASIC D.A.D. TRAINING (Schedule)

Completion of this phase is required BEFORE you can be listed for certification as a DeMolay Advisor under the By-laws and Regulations of DeMolay International. Upon satisfactory completion of Phase II, a Certificate of Completion and a D.A.D. pin will be presented to each trainee.

While completion of this training is required, it does not make someone a DeMolay advisor. A person must be nominated by the sponsoring body and accepted by the Executive Officer before they are certified as a DeMolay Advisor.

This Basic Training Program consists of eight modules and takes four hours. It is our intention to make this training available at state-wide events as time, interest and trainer availability allows. Local and regional training can be arranged directly with members of the training staff. The fee for the materials related to this phase of the training is $10.


Specific training will be available for key advisor and volunteer adult worker positions in DeMolay. These include, but are not limited to, positions such as: Chapter Dad, Chairman of the Advisory Council, Parents/Mothers Club President, Ritual Advisor, Scribe Advisor, Athletic Advisor, Transportation Advisor, etc.


Phase IV provides over the course of time an on-going series of training and educational programs to advisors and volunteer adult workers on such issues as: Membership, Term Planning, Agenda Planning, Avoiding Dropout, Risk Management, Communication, Building Committees, Generation Theory, Listening Skills, and other areas.

Certified Trainers List

All levels of the DeMolay Advisor Development Training Program are open to potential advisors, parents, adult volunteers, Senior DeMolays, and active DeMolays over 17 years of age.

For more information contact the D.A.D. Training Coordinator:

Bruce E. Hare
4180 Wooster Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116
(440) 331-4885
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