The following are members of DeMolay International Supreme Council:

Position Name
Ohio DeMolay Executive Officer Jeffrey L. Rannebarger
Active Member George O. Bratz
Active Member Timothy B. Strawn
Active Member Duane A. Kemerley
Active Member C. Michael Watson
Active Member H. Jeffrey Shaw
Active Member Bill J. Fannin
Active Member George E. Tilden
Active Member Martin Woodworth
Active Member William H. Koon, II
Deputy Member Justin Lowe
Deputy Member J. Randolph Clark
Deputy Member Daniel Rannebarger
Deputy Member Jason French
Emeritus Member Steven J. Krekus
Emeritus Member Glenn L. Beaver
Emeritus Member Theodore B. Korn
Honorary Member Neil Smalley
Honorary Member Michael A. Himes
Honorary Member Douglas Kaylor
Honorary Member Terry W. Posey

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Ohio DeMolay

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