Representative DeMolayCongratulations! You have taken the first step toward becoming a Representative DeMolay, which is one of the most challenging awards a DeMolay can earn. The form to start your application is located below.  It is challenging to be completely honest about yourself when you are working on the form. Remember, that honesty is the key! The purpose of the evaluation is to help you discover those areas in which you have strength and also those that you should strengthen. This is why you are required to give a Personal Rating in each area to become a Representative DeMolay.

You do not have to be a Master Councilor or have the Blue Honor Key to receive the Representative DeMolay Award. However, you will not receive the Representative DeMolay Award if you are not honest and thorough when reporting your DeMolay accomplishments.

Print Application Form (PDF)

For more information, please contact the RD Director:

Dad Dan Rannebarger
1024 Pinewood Lane
Columbus, OH 43230-3666
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Contact Ohio DeMolay

Ohio DeMolay

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