So your son is considering joining DeMolay..

... and you're wondering whether it is the right thing for him to do.

Any parent who is concerned for the overall growth and development, and the general well-being of their son, and who may not already be acquainted with what DeMolay is all about naturally has plenty of questions.

Since its founding, well over a million young men have become members of DeMolay. Many have gone on to become household names in their chosen profession. However, as each of these young men began his association with DeMolay, there in the background was a concerned parent or guardian asking questions.

This booklet was prepared to give you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Order of DeMolay. A few minutes to review the information provided here will give you an overview of the history, values, operation, sponsorship and activities of a DeMolay chapter. The questions answered here are generally arranged in categories. However, the answer to a question in one category might contain information that would generally fall into a different category. In those cases, to save you reading time, the information will only be presented once.

There may be questions you have other than those answered here. They may be questions of a general nature, or questions specifically related to the chapter your son is considering joining. Whatever your questions, ask them. If a member of the local chapter or its Advisory Council can't answer the question right away, they will help find the answer for you.

We appreciate your willingness to learn more about how this character-building and leadership development organization has aided the growth of thousands of boys into positive, productive men and quality citizens in their communities.


Parents are welcome to attend the induction ceremonies as well as any Chapter meeting or function. Many DeMolays want their parents to attend public functions, athletic events, social activities and civic projects. In DeMolay there is a place for any parent wishing to be active with their son.

Behind the scenes, a parent can assist with making sure the boy stays active with the Chapter and its activities. Upon joining DeMolay, the young man will be unfamiliar with its procedures and methods. Some may even approach the first few events as being stupid or not “cool”. We ask that you give it six months. After that he will be able to make an educated decision about his involvement. After he becomes familiar with the methods and activities, chances are his comfort level will allow him to take part and lead the very activities he silently ridiculed before!

Activities and projects of a DeMolay Chapter are always supervised by a group of adults who comprise an "Advisory Council". This group is usually made up of Parents, Senior DeMolays and Masons from the sponsoring body. An Advisor for DeMolay can be any adult (over the age of 21), male or female, parents, coaches, teachers, clergy, Senior DeMolays, and Masons. They just need to have an interest in working with the young men and dedicated to developing their character and leadership skills. These advisors must go through a multi-level approval process, background verification, and receive specific DeMolay and Youth Protection training before being able to work directly with a Chapter. DeMolay wants to provide a safe environment for its members and the scrutiny of its adult workers is a small part of DeMolay’s commitment to youth protection and risk management.


Does it cost anything to join DeMolay?
DeMolay has a lifetime membership fee which is surprisingly affordable. There are no yearly dues or fees. Your membership entitles you to take part in the meetings and events. Some of the Chapter's activities are paid for by their fundraising activities and other times, members must pay their own way. But don't're going to get a lot more out of each activity than you put in. DeMolay tries to make events affordable to everyone and though we do have to pay for some of the activities that it is to be expected.

When and where do you meet?
Most of the Chapters meet in a Masonic Lodge Hall. We meet twice a month to conduct business, plan projects and activities, to do the induction ceremony for new members, work on some type of project, or finishing last minute details on an upcoming fun event.

What time does the meetings start?
Depending on the chapter and the nights they meet - a lot of them start the meeting at 7:00pm. Most people arrive between 6:30 and 6:45pm to help setup, take care of last minute planning, and have some social time before the meeting starts.

How long do the meetings take?
Our goal is for the meetings to last no longer than 90 minutes. However if we have special guests or activities they can be a bit longer. You should be informed in advance when those meetings will be. If you need to leave early before a meeting has ended, just let your Chapter Advisor know before the meeting begins.

How big is DeMolay?
DeMolay was started in 1919, and since that time over 4 million young men just like us have joined. Today there are about 1500 chapters, located in the United States, Canada and several other countries.

Is DeMolay a religious organization?
No. DeMolay teaches that one of the steps toward becoming a happy and successful person is developing a strong faith in your beliefs and being true to it. But just as important, DeMolay teaches to have respect and toleration for the beliefs of others. DeMolay does not teach a specific religion and does not require and does not require belonging to a church. Membership is open for young men from all religions.


Early in the history of DeMolay, the Order provided a way for parents of members to become associated with the organization. The interest of the parents in the well-being of their sons inspired the idea of organizing mothers into an active unit. Through the years, the parents' groups have proved to be a source of strength for the Chapters and a real addition to DeMolay's adult leadership team.

Today. Mothers' and Parents' Clubs combine the energies and talents of both mothers and fathers. as weI. as guardians and step-parents. Working together, these parents can be tremendous help to the Advisory Council and to the Chapter itself.


The purposes of parents' groups are to cooperate with and assist the Advisory Council of the Chapter in promoting the growth of the Chapter and its members, and to serve the Chapter and strengthen the interest of each member in DeMolay.

Each club is subject to the authority of the Advisory Council. The clubs should understand this important policy. The harmonious relationship between the Chapter and the parents' groups depends on the club operating under this condition.

The club's contact with the Chapter will be between the Chairman and the President of the club. The activities of a club should be defined and mutually agreed upon by the Advisory Council.


Parents' Clubs can, and do. furnish many things for the Chapters which the Chapter would not be able to provide for itself. Some clubs raise money to send DeMolays to state conclaves, Leadership Training Conferences and similar activities. They can be instrumental in finding new members for Chapters, encouraging attendance and seeing that appropriate entertainment is provided after Chapter meetings.

Parents' Clubs are usually happy to arrange for food and refreshments after Chapter meetings, as well as for social activities. These social gatherings have a great influence on the Chapter members and their families. Often, these activities provide opportunities for members to bring their friends into the DeMolay circle of friendship.